SWUZA™ Field Medi-Kit

Designed by Medical professionals and Assembled in the USA, the SWUZA IFAK for your EDC is an easily deployable first aid kit with a robust component offering that is applicable to your vehicle, home, hiking, and a myriad of other applications. Our all-new Mini First Aid Kit comes equipped with high-performance life-saving supplies in our most compact IFAK offering. When compact without compromise is paramount our full First Aid Kit has got you covered in an easily deployable, portable, and storable sized kit.

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SWUZA™ field Medi-Kit

1. BAG-Exterior: Red tactical Cordura MED BAG with molle webbing and hook and loop
a. Carrying handle
b. Clamshell opening design
c. Outer strap and zipper closure
d. Rubber hook backed red with a white cross.
e. 1 NDūR® Alert whistle Hi-viz orange
2. Bag interior
a. 3 individuAL Large POCKETS
i. Containing cotton swabs
ii. Adhesive knuckle bandages
iii. Adhesive fingertip bandages
iv. 1x3” adhesive bandages
v. 3”x3” 12 ply gauze pads
vi. 3 non-toxic Glow sticks
vii. Tweezer
viii. NDūR® Emergency survival blanket 48” x 84”
b. 11 elastic strap holders
i. Latex-free gloves
ii. 6 yards of 2” gauze
iii. 2 1 fluid oz eyewash saline solution
iv. 500lbs rated paracord 10’
v. Trauma shears
c. 1 attached zippered pouch
i. CPR protector Mouth-to-mouth barrier
ii. Acetaminophen packets 500mg
iii. Phenylephrine HCI packets 5mg
iv. Ibuprofen packets 250mg
v. Sterile alcohol prep pads
vi. Sting and bite relief packets Lidocaine HCI 2%
vii. BZK antiseptic towelettes
d. Separate mesh bag
i. Non-toxic instant cold packs 4”x5” Crush activated
ii. NDūR® sighting compass with a mirror
iii. NDūR® Fire steel & Striker - small

Weight 2lbs 10.5 ounces
Size 8” Height x 7” width x 5” thick

Additional information

Weight 2.65625 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 7 in


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